These Startups Won a Combined $1M at the Clean Energy Trust Challenge

The sixth annual Clean Energy Trust Challenge--a Midwest cleantech showcase and pitch competition--took place yesterday, with four startups winning a total of [...]


Ahead of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and annual National People’s Congress this week where China’s 13th Five Year Plan will be [...]

Disney launches new Micky Mouse-shaped solar farm

A 22-acre solar facility arranged in the shape of Micky Mouse's head will provide 5MW of renewable energy at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, [...]

Airbus and Boeing thrust sustainable aviation into spotlight

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is teaming up with Siemens to introduce a range of hybrid passenger planes, while rival Boeing has partnered with NASA to reduce [...]

How a sharing economy could catapult hydrogen vehicles into the mainstream

Embracing a sharing economy could allow hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to carve out a niche route to accelerate into the mainstream vehicle mix, but only if [...]

Costa eyes four more ‘zero-energy’ coffee shops in the next year

Whitbread-owned Coffee shop chain Costa is planning to introduce at least four more of its innovative 'zero-energy' coffee shops across the UK within the next [...]

Could the UK’s first Green ISA create a £60bn investment pot?

The UK's first 'Innovative Finance ISA' launched from investment platform Abundance, allowing investors to finance renewable projects through an operative tax [...]

10 Concepts that Can Really Change Human Behavior

It is human nature to want to improve. So, it follows that human beings do and, more important can, really change. Some of these changes happen as we [...]

10 Cleantech Ideas that Could REALLY Have Explosive Market Potential

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A 200 million OLD phenomenon could give NEW oil sources? Because Morocco is connected to Nova Scotia?

  == If you thought the hunt for new oil sources is coming to an end, this report might make you wonder whether it is the reverse - if the hunt [...]