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(image courtesy: RBE Library)

Children pretty much are the only hope for our planet’s environmental sustainability, as we adults are pretty irreparable.

And the best way to teach children about environment, clean energy and sustainability is through videos, don’t you agree?

Luckily, there are hundreds of great videos on YouTube for children on these themes.

I have selected some of those that are really cool and presented them here.

Hope you find these useful.

Environmental conservation – the 4 Rs

How to Care for the Environment

Save Our World

Science Video for Kids – How to Care for the Environment

Greenhouse Effect for Kids

The 3 Rs for Kids

Environment Education for Kids – Channel

An excellent list of videos over here

Educational Environmental Video for Children

Environmental Conservation – the 4 Rs

Environmental Education Video for Children – Ages 6-11

How to Make a Pollution Catcher – a cool science project


Get them Outside – the simplest strategy to get kids excited about nature and environment!

Where does our garbage go?

8 Ways Kids can Help the Environment

Environment & Pollution


Friends Day 2013 – Animals Save the Planet 


Air Pollution – Causes & Effects – Educational Videos for Children


What Does it Mean to be Green?

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